Map: PVP Competition


PVP Competition is an arena-based map that includes many obstacles and indirect challenges. It can house betweem 2 and 50 players. Playing with more than 50 players may cause errors.


  • Obstacles — a field full of mines, a tower surrounded by lava with a custom item spawner on the top, a bunker, and a sniping spot
  • Mines — if you step on them, the deal damage
  • Custom items — items that have special features and attributes. There's a custom spawner that slowly spawns these items.
  • Secondary buffs — you are able to choose a second buff (potion effect) along with the buff that everyone gets
  • Jail system — because this is multiplayer, someone may cheat. If you are an operator, you can use the command /xp 1L (player). The player specified will be transported to a jail above spawn. To release a player use the command /xp -1L (player). Notice the "-" before the 1L.

How it Works

Upon spawning, you are transported to a "pod" where you are given iron armor, a diamond sword, and Strength. You are transported to a room where you can set up your inventory however you wish. Once you are ready you press the button where you are transported to a room where you choose your secondary buff. The secondary buffs are Speed 1, Resistance 1, and Regeneration 1. Finally, you are transported to a room where, again, you can ready up. You then press the button and are transported into the arena. Once you leave the arena's spawn point you can be damaged by others.


Pvp Competition #1 Pvp Competition #2 Pvp Competition #3


Style Battle
Mode Multiplayer
MC Version 1.5.2
Notes Not being maintained
Download PVP Competition