Map: Constant PVP


This map is exactly what the name says, constant pvp (player versus player). As soon as you spawn, you are instantly transported to a battle spot. You are given armor and weaponry, along with six Bottles o' Experience. If you splash the bottles on yourself, you are given an overpowered sword. The sword only has a few hits though, and you might accidentally splash the bottles on someone else!

To make the map even more difficult there is always TNT exploding above you. The TNT does not damage you, instead making it impossible to sneak on the edge of a block. The floor is also partially made up of iron bars.


  • Constant action — once you die, you are instantly respawned with brand new items
  • Custom item system
  • Infinite play time — you and your friends can play this map for as long as you want
  • Holds 2-20 players — it is multiplayer only, meaning it would not work if you were by yourself. The maximum is set at 20 players because otherwise errors occur.


Constant PVP #1

Constant PVP #2


Style Battle
Mode Multiplayer
MC Version 1.6.1
Notes Not being maintained
Download Constant PVP