Resource Pack: Clouds Pack



Extremely realistic clouds, sunsets, sunrises, moon, and sun. This is a remixed version of the Halcyon Days resource pack. This is in accordance with Halcyon Days' license regulations (view changes made). I am not claiming any files as being created by me.

The Clouds Pack has been tested and works on Minecraft versions 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, and 1.6

Important Note: The clouds in this resource pack ONLY appear when render distance is equal to or higher than 8.

Installation Tutorial

Here is what Minecraft Wiki says: "Installing a texture pack"

  1. Download file (below)
  2. Install Optifine (required)
  3. Launch Minecraft, disable clouds
    Image showing where to disable the clouds
  4. Move downloaded file ("") into your Minecraft Resource Packs folder
  5. Go to 'Options...' > 'Resource Packs...' > Hover over under the Available Resource Packs header, and click the arrow pointing to the right
  6. Make sure you enable the Sky
    Image showing where to enable the sky
  7. Make sure you enable the Stars
    Image showing where to enable the stars
  8. Make sure you enable Custom Sky
    Image showing where to enable the custom sky

If you are successful you should only see and Default under the Selected Resource Packs header.

Image showing what the Resource Packs screen should look like


Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

Screenshot #4

Screenshot #5

Screenshot #6

Screenshot #7

Screenshot #8

Screenshot #9

Version 2: Modified

The new Modified Clouds Pack has all the features of the original Clouds Pack, but adds new textures for the sun and moon phases.

Screenshot Modified #1 Screenshot Modified #2

Changes Made

The following changes were made to the Halcyon Days resource pack, resulting in the Clouds Pack

  1. Changed pack.png image
  2. Changed text in pack.mcmeta
  3. Deleted "textures" folder (Assets > Minecraft > Textures)
  4. Deleted "ctm" folder (Assets > Minecraft > Mcpatcher > Ctm)
  5. Changed "sky_sunflare.png" file to "sky_sunflare.png.disabled" (disabling the file) (Assets > Minecraft > Mcpatcher > Sky > World0 > sky_sunflare.png)
  6. Deleted birch.png, pine.png (Assets > Minecraft > Mcpatcher > Colormap > birch.png [or pine.png])