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I'm no longer creating maps & have stopped adding new content

Ongoing Projects

I have stopped development on all projects

Palace of Parkour (98%)
Secret Map #1 (85%)
Secret Map #2 (97%)

Completed Projects

Click on a project's name for details and download.


Name Style MC Version
20 SOP Parkour 1.7
6 SOP Parkour 1.7
Parkour Mastery Parkour 1.6.4
Modern City Aesthetic 1.6.4
Constant PVP Battle 1.6.1
PVP Competition Battle 1.5.2
Parkour Central Parkour 1.5.2
Mob Arena Tunnel Battle 1.5.2


Name Summary
Clouds Pack Resource pack, adds custom sky & clouds – remixed from Halcyon Days


Map Installation Tutorial

If I specify a different way to install a map, please follow those steps instead of these.

  1. Download the map from the official post or this site.
  2. Open the downloaded file with WinRAR, WinZip, or 7-Zip. If it does not open automatically with one of these programs, right click the file and choose "Open with," then choose the correct program.
  3. Drag the folder located inside into your Minecraft saves folder
  4. Launch Minecraft using the correct Minecraft version (specified on the post or page).

Map Use Permissions

You can:

  • Use maps on private servers
  • Post video(s) of a map (must include official link to map)

You cannot:

  • Use maps on public servers
  • Repost a map
  • Claim a map as yours

Don't use URL shorteners (such as Adf.ly or Bit.ly), they are annoying.

Creating your own Maps

I am no longer creating Minecraft maps or resource packs. Here are some awesome resources if you want to create your own things:


I am just a person who enjoys playing and making Minecraft maps.

This website is not affiliated with Mojang, Microsoft, or Minecraft as an entity in any official capacity.